Brighton Minibus and Coach Services have been operating for well over twelve years and have expanded vastly during this time. Our speciality has been the provision of services to groups such as businesses, schools and families. The facilities have been provided on a cost effective basis whilst keeping the standards very high.

We also currently have a special telephone team who deal with enquires to provide instant quotes to those customer who may have specific needs or alternate queries.

Over the last two years various local Brighton newspapers have recognised us for our reliable and professional conduct towards customers and their outfits.

We feel it is important to assess vehicles properly and we make sure that all of them are road worthy and maintenance checks are carried out properly. Ideally vehicles should be less than six years old and it is imperative that they be fully taxed and insured.

We also have a dedicated customer service team who work twenty four hours around the clock and they mainly deal with online quotes. Specially selected searches are carried out and factors such as convenience, travelling time and facilities are checked as part of a balanced search. We aim to deal with each quote within 15 minutes of receiving it through our enquiry system.